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[at-l] Greylock Development Curtailed

Yup, it's dead.  A good thing unless your hopes for Adams MA are 
pinned on the extra people this will bring into the area (mine are 
not, we've got too many here already).

The Gov (ACTING Gov to her detractors) was originally in favor of 
this project, which coupled the Department of Environemntal 
PROTECTION with a--as it turns out--less than reputable developer and 
several hundred formerly protected State acres at the eastern base of 
Mt. Greylock.  The plan was for a golf course, McMansions, a "Nature 
Center", Conference center , etc.

Jane really stood up and made a hard political choice, potentially 
pissing off many local constituents.   Nice to see things go right 
every now and then.  Too bad we'd already spent more than a million 
dollars on this, but it was time to pull the plug, before the heavy 
machinery showed up.

The town of Adams has been promised that the state will look for 
other development projects for the area to replace the Glenn project. 
The AMC, Mass Audoubon,and the Sierra Club were leaders in the