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[at-l] Gear list?

Sorry Kahley, I haven't kept a gear list since... hmmm, well, it's been a
while anyway. 1976? Boy Scouts?
The easier thing for me would be to keep track of what I mail home, which I
expect will be a really short list.
My basic approach to packing is to take only what I consider essential, and
then add only what luxuries I'm willing to carry on top of the essentials.
Of course "essential" is open to interpretation<g>. As I get older the
luxuries are basically down to a book for entertainment purposes, I don't
want to carry extra weight. (and if you knew the way I work my way through
the local library you'd see that the book is an essential too). Needless to
say, YMMV... <g>

One thing I'm trying on this trip is a filtration system that I've "kluged"
together. Two Nalgene 48 oz Cantenes, 2 adapter caps from the Sweetwater
filter, and a SWA filter in-line between the two bags. 1) the whole thing
is lighter than a "real" filter 2) I don't have to pump 3) the volume of
the catenes will let me camel water through the several 20-mile dry
stretches, while not taking up space when empty. BTW, duct taped a shoelace
to the "dirty" bag so I can hang it...