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[at-l] Worthy Trail Cause?

Lynn Setzer wrote:
> Last year about this time, I think, we held an auction for The Place.  Well,
> it's time for me to make a donation to an AT-related good cause on behalf of
> the class of '96.
> Anybody got an idea about who along the Trail could use a little shot in the
> arm? The first idea I had was to the American Cancer Society in memory of
> Maine Rose...

	I've contacted the ATC and the MATC to find out what project we 
could fund (or contribute to) on the AT, preferably in Maine, in memory
of Maine Rose (AT95).  I've had a reply from ATC but no really good ideas 
there.  My MATC contact replied that he would pass my request on to the club
officers, but I've not yet heard back, and don't know how long it will take.
	I'm holding a small number of checks that people had already sent
me.  I have no idea how much money we could raise for a "Maine Rose"
memorial project.  I've been wondering whether I should ask people to 
send me a "pledge" amount so we could get an estimate and therefore some
idea of what we could fund.  Hikers other lists would be invited to 
participate also: ALDHA, PATH, and WomenHikers.
	Does someone with experience in the area of fund-raising for
trail-related purposes have any advice?  or project ideas?  Seems like we
have more than one Maine person on the list.  How about it?  
	And...someone please remind me how much money AT-L raised for The 
Place renovations.

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