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[at-l] Trail names

One or two suggestions about choosing a trail name.  Please be a little
inventive so you don't end up being on the trail at the same time with 10
other people who are using the same name.  For instance, don't pick
"Strider", or anything with "Blister" in it.  I think there were 3
"Striders" doing the same section I was on the trail this year, and there
have been so many "Blister Sisters" that you can't even count them.

Also, try to pick a name that is pronounceable, and probably shouldn't have
more than 2-3 syllables.  People aren't going to spend the time to say
"Granddaddy Long Legs", etc., and will shorten it anyway.

Phil "Scodwod" Heffington (I tell everyone that "Scodwod" is the Pestilito
Indian word for "numb toes.")