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[at-l] 1970 hike

"They were charge a nickel each to cross the Bear Mountain Bridge."

Bump protested that they were walking on the Appalachian Trail, but he recalled that he was told, "I
don't care if your walking on water, you're going to pay me a dime."

Bump and Margaret stopped at a motel in Vermont and asked for water. "We were told they only had
enough for their guests, but I looked out back and they had a whole swimming pool of the stuff."

The couple ran into a November snow storm and freezing weather in Georgia and escaped to a farm house for the
night. "I guess we got chillblains for every bit of skin on our feet peeled off when we got home,"
he recalled.

Bumped also told of meeting a depressed minister at a Bigelow Mountain Shelter. "He was almost
crying, he was so sad. So I asked him what was wrong. He said he had lost his maps. God, man, 'I
replied, 'we're going to
Georgia without maps.'"

Shaw's was a boarding home for elderly people in 1970, if I recall right. The business switched to hikers when
regulations for elderly boarding became too stringent. But Keith has always been a hustler and I
expect he filled whatever beds he had with whoever wanted one.

The couple sold their farm before heading south. "We saved out enough money for my son to go to
college and headed for the trail."

Why did they hike? "My son came home one day and asked 'why we never hike the Appalachian Trail?' I
replied, 'one reason is I never heard of it until right now."

They did an exploratory walk that summer and headed south the next year.