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[at-l] Oh man....

This sounds like a job for that most foldable, durable of bread products . . . the FLOUR TORTILLA. Faster to prepare than a speeding bullet, more calories than a locomotive, able to wrap around tall buildings without smushing. Look, up in the sky (you can fling it like a frisbee when you're bored), it's a bread, it's plane (horizontal), it's Super Flatbread . . .

--Rhymin' Worm, who solved the leaky jelly dilemma of PB&J sandwiches by substituing raisins, which he mixed with the peanut butter on his flour tortillas at lunchtime.

Mark Hudson <hudsom@us.ibm.com> wrote:
> Thought I was all set to go, with the pack all stuffed, and then realizedthat I hadn't bought a weeks worth of bread product to spread the peanut
butter on. So... 3900 ci is a little small for 8 days (for me), and the
bread will end up rolled in the sleeping pad on the outside of the pack...
As many times as I've prepped for a hike it always seems like the first
When I finally got to sleep last night I was dreaming of the trail 


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