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[at-l] 1970 hike

Last night I reread the 1970 southbound of the Smith's and thought I would 
share some of it.  

>From Abol Bridge to Monson they saw many fishermen at several camps. They 
walked on a paved road near Little Wilson Stream. (the city papers had yet to 
coin the phrase "100 mile wilderness")

They stayed at a boarding house in Monson but ate at a restaurant.  **Weary- 
was Shaw's open in 1970?

After being told the Kennebec River was being dragged for a body they hired 
someone to ferry them across for $5.00.

They paid $14 at Madison Hut for supper, lodging and breakfast for two.

The DOC section of Trail in NH & VT was blazed orange and black.

They were charge a nickel each to cross the Bear Mountain Bridge.

When they got to Delaware Water Gap they had exhausted $400. in travelers 

They bought fresh produce at a farm stand along the Cumberland Valley Road 

They crossed the Potomac River on a high highway bridge at Hapers Ferry and 
didn't go into town or mention The ATC Office. (I don't believe it was there)

In Damascus they stayed at Mrs. Keeblers boarding house for $2.50 for the 
night. They had seen a card in one of the shelters that had been left by Ed 
Garvey recommending Mrs. Keebler. Ed did his famous hike in 1970.

They carried a .38 and a snake bite kit but used neither. They had no maps 
and bought most of there supplies at country stores along the way.

The article had no mention of any hiker hostel or "trail angle" although many 
people helped them in many ways. They did express a need for a services 
listing but they were more than 10 years before the Philosopher's Guide. 

The Old RidgeRunner

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