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Bread Product was: [at-l] Oh man....

At 07:42 AM 6/25/01 -0400, Mark Hudson wrote:
>Thought I was all set to go, with the pack all stuffed, and then realized
>that I hadn't bought a weeks worth of bread product to spread the peanut
>butter on.

What bread product will you squoish into your sleeping pad?  I recently
tried on of those "Gourmet" loaves in rye. (the type found near the
deli section at the supermarket) The slices are about 2 x 2
and it was nutritionally decent and being rye, pretty dense.  YUCK....
hardly any rye flavor,  in fact no flavor at all. Would have made decent 
though.   Shame....cause it would have been perfect trail food.

>So... 3900 ci is a little small for 8 days (for me), and the

I'm impressed.....I couldn't do five in that space without lookin' like a 
Christmas tree
  Errr..gear list request

>bread will end up rolled in the sleeping pad on the outside of the pack...
>As many times as I've prepped for a hike it always seems like the first
>When I finally got to sleep last night I was dreaming of the trail <g>
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