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[at-l] New York Advice

Believe it or not, this is from a May 1998 post by Wildbill

Try this   


Bluetrail@aol.com wrote:
> For someone who knows the AT in NY well--
> On Thursday, June 28, Jon wants to get off the trail at Bear Mountain Bridge
> to go into NYC to meet friends.  He wants to stop there at a public pool he
> knowns is close to the trail for a shower and change into fresh clothes
> (please note, Sloetoe).  He thinks the town to the north might have a
> regulatr Amtrack station where he could catch a train into NYC.  I can look
> at the map, but don't know where the bridge is so I'm not sure what the town
> is.
> 1.  What is the town to the north of the bridge that might have an Amtrack
> station?
> 2.  Does the town have an Amtrack station?
> 3.  Any other ideas regarding public transportation from that area?