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[at-l] Bump and Margaret

If I remember right, the Rodale piece was done by a relative, maybe Margaret's sister. It's a good
report of early southbound hikers, but unfortunately fails to catch Bump's incredible Maine humor.
His was the only two hour slide show I ever saw without once getting bored.

I heard him speak at the University of Maine in Orono, probably in 1972. It's the only 30 year old
talk I still have vivid and fond memories of. Some of the students failed to appreciate
what was truly a unique two hours. I heard one kid who obviously had read all the books muttering
afterwards that "they don't know anything about how to hike."

15 or 20 years later I met Bump and Margaret camped on the shore of Nahmakanta Lake. Bump was relaxing in a
camp chair. Margaret was climbing Nesuntabunk Mountain. He said they dreamed of hiking again. But
a few years ago someone told me at an AT Conference that they had both died. If so, I suspect they
may have been victims of cigarets.