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[at-l] please advise if have ONE month where is good ATsection tohike south of Washington DC

Hey ,

	That is a great 300 mile section. In fact it was my first long hike and
happened in 1982. I think three days was my longest hike up to that
point. I like every part of the AT and would love to spend a month
anywhere on it.


> atboi wrote
> >please advise if have ONE month to hike where is good AT section to hike
> >south of Washington DC, I am located in Florida and will be driving north.

> Arthur Gaudet wrote:
> One month, so about 300 miles? hmmm. The distance from Fontana Dam to
> Damascus is 290. The first 70 is the Smokies, then Max Patch, Hot
> Springs, Erwin, The Humps, Laurel Falls, Watauga Lake, Damascus. Lots
> to see and do along the way.
> If concerned about being in good hiking shape I'd find it easier to
> hike myself into shape by traveling S from Damascus. Otherwise I'd
> scale back my goals and travel only 8-10 miles per day for the first
> week.