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[at-l] Boy Scout Camp

I just returned from a simular program.  I wish I could be as complementary.  I can't.  You cannot teach 
knots by lecture.  You cannot teach five knots to inexperienced scouts in an hour.  I tried to help but 
just couldn't get any help.  I even had our SM ask for help in the daily SM meeting.  Once again the 
Pioneer program strikes out.

The MB program was about average.  The boys had a good time.  Other than the one severly 
homesick boy.  About Thursday he realized that we were NOT going to let him call home and he 
calmed down.  It got to be a real test of wills for a while.

Other than that, I had a good time.  Lots of places to walk and I saw a moderate percentage of them.   
Food was good.  Food was plentiful.  The two don't always go together.  If you are looking for a place 
in central Texas, contact me.  I'll give you the particulars.


6/21/01 6:28:20 PM, Charles Copeland <charles@uswnet.com> wrote:

>I have just spent 4 wonderful days at Camp Woodruff near Blue Ridge, GA.
>Our troop sent 39 kids (double from last year), 22 of them are new scouts
>(10 last year) that are participating in the "Mountain Man" program.
>This program "jump starts" the kids with 4 hours of class each day and an
>overnight campout (tonight).  I wasn't sure how good this program was so I
>spent my time with the new scouts.
>The program is great.  Their LNT class, orienteering, and knot-tying classes
>were excellent.  Their cooking class covers cooking with fires, charcoal,
>white gas, and alcohol (albeit briefly) and the various dangers of each.
>Next month the kids will take what they've learned and start hiking on the
>AT (straight up from Wesser to Rufus Morgan Shelter!) and they will be
>cooking with alcohol stoves that I am making (simple ones but they work).  I
>hope they get bitten with the hiking "bug" like last year's group did.
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