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Re[2]: [at-l] I'm confused...

"...RnR sounds like a New Yorkah tah me, deffinately one of them folks from
away!" writes Clifford Haynes.

Bump Smith and his wife Margaret of Bucksport, Maine were among the pioneer south bounders in the early 1970s. Bump put
on the best AT slide show ever after he returned home. It was so good and so funny that I've forever
despaired of reproducing it. He was a part time farmer, harness race horse breeder and driver and school
janitor. He asked for a leave of absence from the school board so he and his wife could hike 2,000
miles to Georgia.  He was refused. "They didn't want foolish people in the schools," Bump explained.

He carried an axe, always cooked over a wood fire, and refused a short cut back to the trail after
losing his way through the Whites. "I told that tourist that I was only going to do this once and by
God I was going to do every bit of it."

He referred to everyone he met on the trail as either an "out-of-stater" or a "tourist." But he
added, "they were all good people. They would give you anything. Candy bars, sandwiches, anything
you wanted. They treated us just like we were bears."