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The toes...part 2: [at-l] Dangerous Doctors?

AAARRRGGGHHH...OB!!! You spoil sport!!
Sorry David..just pulling your leg.....or your toe as the case may be.
Actually Part One was all true, but in truth, I decided not to watch.
At the last minute, I decided I didn't want the visuals of my nails
being ripped from my toes cached in memory to be replayed as
my next nightmare.

I felt the tugging and a some pain from the second toe but it wasn't too too
bad.  There was blood though.  And I second OB's idea about having
the pain pills in system before the injectables wear off.

Post op was ok, with the meds, except i had trouble with prolonged
bleeding and had to keep my feet elevated for three days till it
really stopped.  Don't go barefoot for a good year.  Don't
drop a can of beans on it  and don't...whatever ya have to do to avoid it...
don't let a dog step his toe nail onto where your toenail used to be.

You will get an up close and personal lesson on the purpose of toenails...
to protect the toe.  You will do something, somewhere along the line
during the first six months that will cause such pain that you are likely
to string together an astonishing number of expletives that need deleting.

If you are in the habit of going about your house barefooted, it is likely
that you feet will develop an astonishing degree of self awareness. If
I drop a can of beans, I look down and somehow my feet have turned
180 on my legs to protect the toes.

If you are getting the picture here....think of a nail that breaks and
the break moves into the "quick".  Then realize that the "quick" is
all that's gonna be at the end of your toe.  Eventually, it will toughen
up into something akin to skin and will become much less sensitive.

But I have not spoiled the perverse pod docs record.  I do NOT regret
having it done.  BTW....one of mine was incomplete.  He warned me
that may happen and said i could come back and he'd give it another
go.  I just wait it out during the winter and after my first loong snorkel
session, it softens to the point where I can pull it out myself.

As to hiking..you may have to buy new boots or cushier socks.  You
really don't want nailess toes banging around in there.  I can't
use certain swim fins cause of that....need a really soft foot pocket.

OK.that's my toe tale.
Oh...did I mention that after they pull the nail out, they have to get in
there with some acid to kill the root.  don't let him dilly dally...you really
want that part to happen before the shot wears off....trust me on this one <g>

Have a good week <grin>
signed k..the virtual sadist