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[at-l] Lister miles as of Jun 20, 2001...

In a message dated 6/23/01 3:05:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
wb4pan@mindspring.com writes:

> Haven't I done my part?

Chase, I think you've done your part. I did my part today - built trail with 
a group of mountain bikers. It was interesting to see them take into account 
the needs of not only bikers, but hikers as well as horse packers. A true 
reflection of people putting the welfare of the trail above their own 
specific desires.

The trail I helped build is in Dupont Forest - (http://www.dupontforest.com). 
The forest was established in 1996 and expended recently to include the area 
we worked on today. You know it is a new trail when the name of it is a 
tentative name. 

So...write me up for 0.4 miles of "other  trails "  :)



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