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Re[4]: [at-l] I'm confused...

At 01:18 PM 6/23/01 -0400, Bob Cummings wrote:
>Kahley asks, ..." has anyone ... actually met Weary??
>I've spent a lifetime trying to figure out who I am. I get hints 
>occasionally, but so far nothing
>definitive. Sly or a Sly imposter once met someone who he thought was me.
>I've met Wingfoot occasionally, so I know he exists. He could testify, but 
>no one here would believe
>him. And Maine Rose, though sadly she is now beyond
>giving direct testimony.
>I met both Warren Doyle and Earl Shaffer at the Cabin in East Andover. 
>They could probably testify

Dear Weary....just to make sure you know ...I was jes foolin...but this 
thread does bring to mind
that game that people used to play about celebrities....Seven Degrees of 
Separation or some such.
More of a "theory"  I think, it claimed that everyone in the world can be 
connected by no more
than 7 acquaintances.  I didn't give it much credibility..until i met 
Feelix and then I realized it's true.
I know Feelix
Feelix knows John Meloncamp
John probably knows tons of people who know tons of people
who have made  acquittances of the Queen of England
who has met the King of Saudi Arabia who has met Yasir Arafet!
So I'm within an easy 7 of ole' Yassir and it's all thanks to Feelix.
Wait a minute....I once met Sonny and Cher.....maybe I didn't need
Feelix afterall <g>
Too hot to hike...to muddy to swim...what's a girl to do.........