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[at-l] PUoSU

Jack wrote:

> Hi Wingfoot..  Too everyone that has been inundated with 
> the bait and snatched it up so eagerly, Wingfoot is laughing
> into his watermelon in Hot Springs.   I knew this from the
> beginning and posted privately to some folks.  You have to
> give him credit though.  He is surely one sneaky SOB......
> ....  Sue me WF.

Now's your big chance to prove it.

Post your evidence here:

(Seriously: header analysis, choice of mail client, stylistic
or formatting similarities, unique turns of phrase...anything.
I've seen people try this on Usenet in the past, and it's
very hard to pull off against folks who are paying attention;
especially if you have a large body of existing messages for
others to analyze.)