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[at-l] Dangerous Doctors?

Sloetoe wrote:
> Texas Twelve-Step wrote:
>> Orange Bug wrote:

> ### No offense intended to OB or *any* other med. on list, but...
>> Do I think this is all some sinister anti-gun rights crusade?
>> No. This sounds more like a combination of legal ass-covering
>> and sycophancy to a government that has increasing control
>> over the profession's ultimate destiny. Yet, given these days
>> where armed busybodies can come and relieve you of your
>> children, property or liberty with the flimsiest of pretense, I
>> think people are justifiably concerned when their doctor or
>> teacher asks them about things that are really none of their
>> damned business.
> ### ...this just warmed me all over. Thanx, Fulminatroid.

You're welcome. 

By the way, it's "Fulminator" (of which the female form is, of
course, "Fulminatrix"). This was actually a nickname given to
me by co-workers; a play on my employee code: FULM.

> Here on the eve of
> Independence Day,


                  THE GOOD GOVERNMENT

  "What a happy land you are!" said a Republican Form of
Government to a Sovereign State. "Be good enough to lie
still while I walk upon you, singing the praises of 
universal suffrage and descanting upon the blessings
of civil and religious liberty. In the meantime you can
relieve your feelings by cursing the one-man power and
effete monarchies of Europe."

  "My public servants have been fools and rogues from
the date of your accession to power," replied the State;
"my legislative bodies, both State and municipal, are 
bands of thieves; my taxes are insupportable; my courts
are corrupt; my cities a disgrace to civilization; my 
corporations have their hands at the throat of every
private interest -- all my affairs are in disorder and
criminal confusion."

  "That is all very true," said the Republican Form of
Government, putting on his hobnail shoes; "but consider
how I thrill you every Fourth of July."

- Ambrose Bierce
  from "Fantastic Fables"

This fourth of July, instead of stuffing your face with
mechanically-separated meat products and watching some
colorized jingo-fest on one of Ted Turner's networks, go
get yourself a bottle of Knob Creek and listen to some
freedom-loving tunes from a *real* American:


Yer pal,