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Re[2]: [at-l] I'm confused...

I think that all of you are Wingfoot.  Every last one.... and... and....
Wingfoot is a space alien!  That explains it!  I understand now!  These
lists... these discussions.... they're all part of a space alien psychology
experiment!  It's the only think that makes sense!

Look at the facts:

(1) Felix is obviously a space alien.
(2) That big about the parapackers floating away in their stuff sacks was
always nonsence.  They were obviously using space alien anti-gravity
(3) All that stuff about ropes and beans.... that everybody ELSE seemed to

It just all fits.

-- Jim (Wingfoot) Mayer

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> Weary wrote:
> >BTW RnR and Wingfoot are not the same person as someone suggested.
> This is a pretty definite statement offered without any explanation.
> Have you met RnR personally? Have you heard of him prior to his
> fairly recent appearance on this list? If he has posted to ATML, has
> he posted anywhere else? Have you seen him or heard of him hiking a
> trail? I'm really curious about the existence of this person. Anyone
> else?
> I recently did a dejanews search to see if this person posts to
> Usenet and found no hits. Wingfoot _does_ post to alt.rec.hiking,
> rec.outdoors.camping, rec.backcountry and several others. Rather he
> used to post to those areas but tapered off in the late '90's. This
> doesn't mean much except that if I found posts from RnR I would more
> likely believe he's a different individual, especially if he was
> posting to the same newsgroups. Of course I know that the lack of
> posts proves nothing.
> What got my interest up is an eerie recognition of language that I
> remember from long conversations with Dan Bruce in '97, '98
> timeframe. Of course this is also possibly a coincidence.
> btw, I'm not against anonymity on the 'net. I think this feature is
> very useful for those who wish to experiment with "different" online
> personalities. We, as readers, need to recognize this from time to
> time. We might not be all that we seem to be.