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[at-l] off topic, air conditioning

At 09:40 AM 6/22/01 -0400, Arthur Gaudet wrote:
>I've been looking around for an answer to this question for a week or so, 
>no real progress so I thought I'd try here, tapping into everyone's 
>off-trail home care experience perhaps.
>I need to put an air conditioner into this apartment for the month of 
>august so I can go hiking. The place is a damp basement type and last year 
>my closet filled up with mildew.

You don't need an air conditioner, you need ventilation.  Get fans.  You 
need to suck in drier outside air and blow out the damp inside air.  I 
would also suggest taking your stuff out of the closet and leaving it 
open.  If possible having the heat on would do more to reduce humidity than 
an A/C unit.  If you won't be there you don't care if it's cool.  You just 
want to dry it out.