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[at-l] Thoughts after 400 e-mails

I recall that a conservative Republican President opened the doors to the 
People's Republic of China, after participating in witch hunts for domestic 
commie sympathizers.

The current Republican President may also find it pragmatic to act in more 
appropriate ways to aid land preservation to counter his less popular 
energy and other environmental policies. I suspect the odds are pretty good 
that such can occur, especially if advocates of land and environmental 
preservation make it a point to be involved in the political process. There 
are many ways to do this.

It is just too sad that WF sulks when things don't go his way, or alienates 
those who have political experience beyond his own. I hope that those 
chewing on smashmellows are motivated to personal political action. The 
pettiness in North Carolina is only a minor distraction that should not 
count for a rat's a**.


At 12:02 PM 6/22/2001 -0400, Bob Cummings wrote:
>But, believe it or not, land preservation efforts are at a crisis point. I 
>know that the odds of anything useful
>happening in the next few years is pretty small. Even Wingfoot has 
>foolishly abandoned the effort.
>But we won the Maine public land recovery fight against even greater odds.