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[at-l] Piezo Igniters

You can simply hold the piezo like a hypodermic syringe and push the 
button. Attach the ground wire to something to let the spark occur. This 
used to be sold as the Evil Knenevil (spelling) pain breaker super gadget 
on TV and radio. FDA stopped that as quackery a few years back. The ads 
were quite humorous, as it was obvious what the gadget was, and sold for 3 
or 4 times what Home Depot sells them for.

The question I would have is whether alcohol fumes are concentrated and 
combustible enough for this to work.


At 10:32 AM 6/22/2001 -0500, kahley wrote:
>I can't imagine a way to position it on an alki that would allow me to 
>that hard without bending the stove or puttin my fingees into the vapor 
>area..not good.