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[at-l] off topic, air conditioning

--- Arthur Gaudet <gaudet@mediaone.net> wrote:> 
> It's ok with me if I just shorten the life of a unit, as long as it 
> will run for a month or so. I can guess that the compressor might 
> burn out prematurely but I don't understand why it would depend on 
> the direction of gravity. I don't know if these units have 
> regenerator bottles, they might be direction dependent.
### Two things will kill a unit operated at 90* out of orientation.
Biggest is the turn of the compressor, which is designed with a specific
gravity orientation. It *may* go south VERY soon after
start-up-with-a-twist, and will stink, cause a fire, humidify your
clothes, etc., who knows. The second thing is the flow of air over the
components/fins -- this is dependent on the design of the specific unit,
but you may be misdrawing air in such a way as to heat, not cool, parts of
the unit that need to be kept cool.

Option 5 is to unload your closets/enclosed spaces -- possibly just moving
them to a friends while you're gone: LOTS cheaper and less bother and
worrisome than the other options. If the problem is crowded closets,
shoe-horning an A/C unit seems a long way to go.

(Occupational tightwad)

Spatior, Nitor, Nitor, In Nitor!

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