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[at-l] Piezo Igniters

At 09:42 AM 6/22/01 -0500, t. wrote:
>kahley wrote:
> >
> > I have a piezo ignitor on my giga titi
>do I dare ask what this is?  :)

LOL...one of the ultra light cannister stoves
Snowpeak Giga Titanium

********The Snowpeak Giga Power Stove is available in titanium with auto, 
one-touch ignition.
          This powerful little stove produces 10,000 BTUs. Use this 
backpacking stove with Snow
          Peak fuel in temperatures as low as 14F (-10 C). The Snow Peak 
Giga Power Stove is
          designed to stow with fuel canister in Solo Combo Cook Set. The 
Giga Power
          backpacking stove burns 45 minutes at maximum gas output (10,000 
BTUs) with the
          GP-110 fuel canister. Comes in high-quality plastic carrying 
case, 1-1/2" x 1-7/8" x 3-1/2".

                           Lightweight  -  Compact  -  Easy-to-use

                       GigaPower Stove, Titanium Auto Ignition     3 oz.*****

I would not have paid extra for the ignitor, but it was a "deal" and waaay
cheaper than retail without one..
Really fine stove.....