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[at-l] tent question

At 09:17 PM 6/21/01 -0400, SaraSW@aol.com wrote:

>Any other good ideas for a tall person's tent? I think he'd want more than a

I'd send him to http://wanderlustgear.com/

or if has to go cheaper,
I used to say a eureka zephyr.but the new ones are heavier than the old
non vestibule style. Now, the' backcountry one' seems to be the same tent
as the old 
zephyr    http://www.johnsonoutdoors.com/camping/eureka/backcntry1.html
Being stubby myself, I looked at this, just briefly, as a chance to get revenge
on a tall person <VVVBG> and let him carry a ton o tent.  But my better
angels pulled me back from that ledge

PS.....being stubby, I can't attest to if he could sit up in either tent