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[at-l] hostel needs help in 2002...

> richard mann wrote:
> > There is a new hostel in the Caledonia/Pine Grove area of PA.  1997
> > thru-hiker, Junker (Robert Freeman), lives on route 233 just 4 miles north
> > of Caledonia State Park.

Steve Landis wrote:
> There is also a new outfitter on Rt 30 in Fayetteville, PA  just
> south of Caledonia and they are operating a hostel about 1.8 miles from
> the trail.         http://www.rocksandwater.com/momain.htm

> I'm taking some kayak rolling instruction with them next week and will
> find out more about the hostel.

I saw Josh, the owner of Rocks and Water yesterday and he said that the
new hostel has been full every night for over a week.  He has been
directing shuttle requests to Junker because he doesn't have the staff
to cover the store, the hostel and the shuttles.

Steve - who rolled his kayak for the first time (3x's) yesterday - Yeah!