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[at-l] Preparations...

Finished the maildrops last night. Tonight or tomorrow morning I'll head to
the PO to get the first couple of them in the mail (I like to give myself
lots of leeway).
I also did my initial packing, mostly to make sure that everything would
fit in the pack. I actually managed to squeeze eight days worth of food
into a 3900 ci pack (Osprey Impala). I suspect that I have way too much
food, which in the case of my metabolism means just barely enough. The
consolation is that by far the largest part of the pack weight is food (20
lbs + ?), which of course means that things will get much lighter later on.
Also, fortunately, I can't tell you what the full weight is since I don't
have a scale. I'm convinced that there are some details that one just
doen't want to know... heavy is enough detail in my book...