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[at-l] Re:Flame Response : R&R

In a message dated 6/22/01 2:52:13 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
RoksnRoots@aol.com (Man, is he still here?) writes:
>Too heavy for a campfire.< 
Oh yes, R&R. 
Way too heavy for our campfire. We is much too not smart for you.
>Well, let's see, where would be a good place for this stuff... <
Take it back to ATML, where the real* AT stuff is talked about. 
Oh yeah, too late, even the ATMLers stopped* listening to you.
>...and why is it needed???<
It isn't. I'll go easy on you, only because if you knew more about the AT, or 
cared more about the Trail and it's history and traditions, you'd understand 
TJ < putting R&R* in the subject line for discerning deleters

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