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[at-l] Strange happenings part two

patrick.loomis@ch.novartis.com wrote:

> No, No, he was the keeper of the keys.  Sheesh do I halfta spell everything
> out..........  Oh, wait, this is E-mail of course I halfta spell
> everything, and here I've been talking to my monitor all this time.  No
> wonder my posts never look like I think they should................
> >Nixon invented Spiromint Gum? Or, was it Ex-Spiromint Gum? All I'm sayin'
> is
> >that Floridans can't count. (I don't even remember if that was what I was
> >sayin' or not. What was I sayin'?)

So, Spiro Agnew was the keeper of the keys? That's what I thought. And, since
you brought up your posts...I think that it is hard to beat a good locust post.
I mean, the steel ones are nice and straight and strong and have that
reflective paint on top. But, there is nothing better than seeing a row of
locust fence posts. Especially if they have rusty woven-wire fence running
tweengst 'em. Maybe a touch of honeysuckle growing hither and thither. I used
to be in charge of monitoring locust posts for rot. They don't hardly never
rot, they don't. I wonder if Spiro Agnew ever had a fencerow with locust posts.
I wonder.