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[at-l] tent question

I'm 6'1' and found that most solo tents just weren't long enough.  There are 
two he should check out though...

The Nomad - it's diamond shape means there plenty of length and width to the 
tent.  I can sit up easily in it.  Someone with a longer torso can probably 
still sit up but may need to slouch.  Beats most of the other solo tents out 
there though.  I can also bring all of my gear into the tent with me.  The 
pack goes against the back wall and the boots stay near the door.  I think 
the current versions weigh around 2 lbs with ground sheet.  
wanderlustgear.com has more information and lots of pictures.

Also, check out the Eureka Zephyr, it's a solo free standing tent.  It's 8' 
long and 3' wide.  You can easily sit up in it.  I have the older version 
with the fly that does not provide a vestibule.  It's 3 lbs. 9 oz. without 
the stakes.  Getting all your gear in this tent with you takes a bit more 
work, but it can be done.  Had I done my thruhike with this tent, I probably 
would have left most stuff outside unless it rained.

The newer version has a full coverage fly and weighs more.  But, you can 
probably keep you stuff dry in the vestibule.

Stitches, GAME99

P.S.  My Zephyr may be for sale - contact me off list if you're interested.  

>From: SaraSW@aol.com
>CC: AT-L@mailman.backcountry.net
>Subject: [at-l] tent question
>Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 21:17:34 EDT
>A friend's new-to-backpacking husband wants a two-person tent because of 
>height--6'2". He may also want width. I'm not sure.
>The first question is whether he really needs a two-person tent.
>If so, I'm going to recommend the Clip Flashlight on sale for $169 at
>Any other good ideas for a tall person's tent? I think he'd want more than 
>He was looking at the Eureka Rainier at 5 lbs and the Eureka Tempo at 6
>lbs--perhaps because they are inexpensive. But he doesn't have the 
>to send him toward lighter tents.
>He will have a lecture though. ;-)
>Thanks a bunch. Vcat
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