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[at-l] FW: [nct-l] taking the blue blaze off the recipe thread...

I think the IAT is a white fleur de lis. I'm trying to remember the
name of the trail crossing the AT a couple of times near Wayah bald. I
think it loops into SC and to North GA. It has gold blazing.

The Benton McKaye Trail near Springer is a double white diamond
pattern. I am familiar with it after getting lost on FS 42 looking for
the parking lot for Springer last HATT.


--- "L. Parker" <lparker@cacaphony.net> wrote:
> Not to confuse the issue <G>, but down here the main trail is marked
> in Orange, and the side trails are Blue. Between here and Springer
> blazes (what few there are) are white Turkey foot prints. Anybody 
> know what they use north of Maine?

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