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[at-l] tent question

The Clip Flashlight is a good choice, but the Nomad is good also with
plenty of headroom. The current shape of it appears to appeal to taller
hikers better than the earlier versions. 

Another good choice could be the Hennessey Hammock, but that may be a
bit of a reach for a newbie. He could get an original version at 2.5
pounds for about $65, or the 1.5 pound for around $125. The old version
plus a locally made silnylon tarp probably would come in cheaper and
about the same weight. However, I'd certainly stear him clear of it if
he plans on any winter hiking.

I'd suggest he go to REI and rent a 2 person tent and see how he enjoys
a 7 pound tent to go with his 7 pound pack. Then we will be able to
start him along to way to becoming another 6 foot ounce weenie. 

Speaking of ounces, has anyone else guffawed at the lightweight article
in the new Backpacker?


--- SaraSW@aol.com wrote:
> A friend's new-to-backpacking husband wants a two-person tent because
> of his 
> height--6'2". He may also want width. I'm not sure.
> The first question is whether he really needs a two-person tent.

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