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[at-l] waterproof matches

My experience with paraffin in the last 10 years is not as successful as it
was 20+ years ago. It seems the formulation used for the match heads is
very different now. Even the few strike anywhere matches I have found
recently don't take paraffin well. All strike on box type must have a dry
striker, even the Life Boat Matches. I use the mini BIC lighters, usually
carry 2 and use one. These too need to be kept dry, tho a shake, blowing
the water out of the wheel and warming them up will put them back in service.
Black Wolfe

At 05:31 PM 6/21/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Have you tried dipping regular kitchen matches in melted paraffin.  Worked 
>quite well for many years before the commercial alternatives came on the 
>market. Just dip once or twice (allow to cool in between). When you need to 
>use them most of the time you can just strike them on a rough surface, or 
>use your knife or thumbnail to remove the wax on the tip. The added wax on 
>the wooden part aids burning.
>>I need a good reliable fire source. I hate using up REI Storm matches like 
>>I do. Suggestions?
>>   ** Ken **
>>ps- Yes, I'm still here. I'm still packing, sorting, clearning, 
>>packing..... I don't think I'm going
>>to make it. I think I may change my flight to Maryland. I'm feeling 
>>overwhelmed.... Oh, and it is
>>raining now.
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