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[at-l] Boy Scout Camp

>> and they will be cooking with alcohol stoves that I am making ...
> ### Is this the Scott Henderson design that TCSM sprinkles around to the
> masses? Not much work, but *great* output, compared to the "BScout" or
> "Catfood Can" models. IMWTK!
I'm not familiar with the Scott Henderson design but this one looks like the
top of a castle turret.  It's easy to make - just cut and fold down parts of
the top of the can to form a turret (being *very* careful to bend all of the
edges).  Add alcohol and light!  It'll boil 2 cups of water in 10 minutes.


P.S.  This simple stove is what got me started to try to improve the design
- eventually resulting in the Cat Food Can stoves I've been working on (2
cups boiling in < 5 minutes).  I'm thinking of modifying this "easy" stove
by glueing a tiny cat food can (empty) to the inside bottom that has vent
holes drilled in it.  Then I'll drill some holes around the can.  This
should give me a "jet" effect that focuses the flame better and cuts down on
the boil time.