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[at-l] Boy Scout Camp

--- Charles Copeland <charles@uswnet.com> wrote:
> The program is great.  Their LNT class, orienteering, and knot-tying
> classes were excellent.  Their cooking class covers cooking with fires,
> charcoal,white gas, and alcohol (albeit briefly) and the various dangers
of each.
### Yeah, Scouting!!!

> and they will be cooking with alcohol stoves that I am making ...
### Is this the Scott Henderson design that TCSM sprinkles around to the
masses? Not much work, but *great* output, compared to the "BScout" or
"Catfood Can" models. IMWTK!

(who'd going home tonight to possibly attempt a Don dePhoton Johnston
design! [and who may have an informed opinion about yet a *different*
stove design's make-effort/burn-output ratio...])

Spatior, Nitor, Nitor, In Nitor!

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