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[at-l] waterproof matches

Have you tried dipping regular kitchen matches in melted paraffin.  Worked 
quite well for many years before the commercial alternatives came on the 
market. Just dip once or twice (allow to cool in between). When you need to 
use them most of the time you can just strike them on a rough surface, or 
use your knife or thumbnail to remove the wax on the tip. The added wax on 
the wooden part aids burning.

>I need a good reliable fire source. I hate using up REI Storm matches like 
>I do. Suggestions?
>   ** Ken **
>ps- Yes, I'm still here. I'm still packing, sorting, clearning, 
>packing..... I don't think I'm going
>to make it. I think I may change my flight to Maryland. I'm feeling 
>overwhelmed.... Oh, and it is
>raining now.
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