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[at-l] waterproof matches

What's wrong with butane disposable lighters? I like those with a transparent reservoir best. most have
flint strikers, not electronic.

- Gary from Fairfax

> Am I alone in having awful experience with the Coughlan waterproof matches? If they get even a touch
> damp they just don't light. If the striker is just a touch damp the matches don't like. Even at
> their best they sometimes don't light and just seem to leave a trail on the striking pad.
> I need to find something better. The REI Storm matches are great, but I don't need something that
> burns that long. I saw, and used, some matches by Coleman that were quite good but I can't seem to
> find them anywhere on the net. Anyone know of these?
> Zippo lighters and me don't get along. The fuel seems to vaish toot sweat. Nowhere around town sells
> the elctronic ignition Scripto lighters that many of you like.
> I need a good reliable fire source. I hate using up REI Storm matches like I do. Suggestions?
>   ** Ken **