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[at-l] Re: Re Re Re my gear list

Somehow GORP and I just don't always mix. I can't explain why. It just is.

My first aid kit has pepto tabs in it. The sunblock and DEET are in a differnet bag. Smallest ones I
could find.

I expect I'll lose weight on the hike. That wouldn't be a bad thing as long as it is under control. 

  ** Ken **

On 6/21/01 at 9:05 AM, W F Thorneloe <thornel@attglobal.net> wrote:

> I don't make little baggies of GORP. I carry fairly large baggies of the 
> stuff and parcel it out over a few days. A sandwich bag full is usually 
> good for 2-3 days, stuffed. The salt in the GORP and the dried fruit are 
> very good for electrolytes. I add Macadamia nuts for the extra fat. I try 
> to get rid of all of it on a hike, because eating this at home will broaden 
> more than my horizons.
> I like the simple first aid kit, as much of your gear has multiple uses 
> (such as the Polar Pure). Remember the sunblock and DEET, duct tape, diaper 
> pins and (my personal favorite) diaper creme or bag balm. I also like to 
> have a few Pepto tabs on hand.

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