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[at-l] waterproof matches

Am I alone in having awful experience with the Coughlan waterproof matches? If they get even a touch
damp they just don't light. If the striker is just a touch damp the matches don't like. Even at
their best they sometimes don't light and just seem to leave a trail on the striking pad.

I need to find something better. The REI Storm matches are great, but I don't need something that
burns that long. I saw, and used, some matches by Coleman that were quite good but I can't seem to
find them anywhere on the net. Anyone know of these?

Zippo lighters and me don't get along. The fuel seems to vaish toot sweat. Nowhere around town sells
the elctronic ignition Scripto lighters that many of you like.

I need a good reliable fire source. I hate using up REI Storm matches like I do. Suggestions?

  ** Ken **

ps- Yes, I'm still here. I'm still packing, sorting, clearning, packing..... I don't think I'm going
to make it. I think I may change my flight to Maryland. I'm feeling overwhelmed.... Oh, and it is
raining now.

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