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[at-l] FW: [nct-l] taking the blue blaze off the recipe thread...

>This may be broadcasting my newbie hiker status, but what is a "white
>blaze" and what is a "blue blaze"?

Blazes are the painted markings that indicate you are on the Appalachian 
Trail.  From Maine to Georgia, these markings are painted as a white 
rectangle about 2" wide by 6" tall.

Trails that intersect with the AT are almost always painted blue.  These 
trails can be short side trips to shelters or springs, or long trail leading 
off the AT for many miles. Sometimes these blue blazed trails reconect with 
the AT down the trail, sometimes they don't.

While there may be intersecting trails that are not painted blue, I can't 
remeber any.

Sometimes in conversation blue blazing is used metaphorically (I think thats 
the word I am looking for) to express a side trip, or deviation from the 
main path.

Sometimes, people also refer to yellow blazing which is accepted to mean 
getting off the AT to travel by roads , usually by hitch hiking.


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