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[at-l] Re: Google to the rescue

Quite true. I was playing around with the cognitive dissonance of his 
comment "this is what you know?" along with the clear definition. That 
seemed ironic, to me. You really don't want me to get launched into 
theories of relationship of humor and tragedy, as such close a discussion 
really deflates the pathos from just about anything.

I can guarantee that you will never meet a psychiatrist who starts a 
conversation with "You should hear this joke a patient told me today!" 
(unless they are treating Mel Brooks)


At 08:11 AM 6/21/2001 -0400, Steve Landis wrote:
>At least Jack's doing some "research".  This was #1 in a Google search
>and #4 in a Dogpile Search.  Very impressive.