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[at-l] Tulsa Trip report

Uh, that was a little edgy there.

I believe there is a trend among much of the motel chains for ownership by 
Indian and Pakistani families. There was an article on this in one of the 
national papers (Washington Post?) about 2 years ago. It seems to be a 
niche that has developed, similar to the niches of Vietnamese manicure 
workers around the Southeast (at least), Chinese and Korean dry cleaning 
and thin-skinned Irish psychiatrists.


At 07:39 AM 6/21/2001 -0400, Mark Hudson wrote:
><<(Can someone tell me why 92% of the motels I stay in are
>owned/operated by Middle Easterners?)>>
>Yeah Felix, but are they still complaining about the way YOU smell???
>(...just remembering a little incident on your thru, here in ol' NY <g>)