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[at-l] Strange happenings part two

Well, the IT Geeks here at work are really pissed at me, it seems that
attempting to uninstall that program mentioned in one of my previous posts
totally ruined my hard drive.  Furthermore, they, (our local Geek Gods &
Goddesses) have stated in no uncertain terms that any machine with the
aforementioned files on it is, in effect, useless.  In fact, in order to
futher study this new and ominous phenomena, anyone  who has these files on
their PC is urged to send their machine (shipping prepaid of course) to me.
Shipping details:

Ima Theivin Rascal
10220 Larceny Lane
Horsethief, Az 90027

PS.  Please be sure to include the monitor and all peripherals, cables, etc