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[at-l] Re: Re my gear list

Your diet sounds better than 1 lb 12 oz per day. Here is how to do Gatorade 
or similar powder: Using an empty Gatorade bottle or soda bottle, filter 
enough water using the in line filter as a gravity fed setup. Mix in the 
powder (actually easier to put it in a dry bottle) and drink away. 
Especially in the summer, I like to have the chance to carry more than 2 
liters. I figure on a liter per hour, and if there are no suitable supplies 
in 5-6 miles, I will be cutting margins thin (for me).

I don't make little baggies of GORP. I carry fairly large baggies of the 
stuff and parcel it out over a few days. A sandwich bag full is usually 
good for 2-3 days, stuffed. The salt in the GORP and the dried fruit are 
very good for electrolytes. I add Macadamia nuts for the extra fat. I try 
to get rid of all of it on a hike, because eating this at home will broaden 
more than my horizons.

I like the simple first aid kit, as much of your gear has multiple uses 
(such as the Polar Pure). Remember the sunblock and DEET, duct tape, diaper 
pins and (my personal favorite) diaper creme or bag balm. I also like to 
have a few Pepto tabs on hand.

Have fun!

<wishing everyone a Happy Summer Soltice>

At 06:53 AM 6/21/2001 -0400, Kenneth Knight wrote:
>... I don't have enough elctrolyte mix right now and it is a
>tough one to deal with on the trail since I plan on generally using a SWA 
>inline filter hydration
>system and such powder (as I think you once learned) gums up the works. I 
>do have plenty of salt
>though I wish I had mmore of those little handy packets from fast food joints.
>The weight for the first aid kit is probably wrong. That value is from an 
>old kit. The current one
>includes, triple antibotic cream, gauze, band-aid blister block, polar 
>pure, and some other stuff
>that is escaping my mind.