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[at-l] Long Trail - 10 ways to improve

This is from the greenmountainclub.org website. It's meant to be 
whimsical, so try to laugh... I had to LOL over #1, one I also 
thought of while on the AT. --RD '97
>10 Ways to Improve the Long Trail
>1.Add a zip line over Route 9
>2.Omit Burnt Rock Mountain
>3.Install ladders to reach the ladders on the trail
>4.Name all unnamed peaks.
>5.Install people movers to all shelters greater than 0.1 miles off the trail
>6.Fill in Chittenden Reservoir
>7.Install pictures of the supposed views from all the 'viewpoints', 
>(often called the 'anti-views' from our socked-in perspective)
>8.Put "This is definitely the top" signs on the summits of all named 
>and unnamed peaks.
>9.Put "This is not the top" signs on all suspicious high points of land.
>10.Put a sign on the 25th and final summit of Ira Allen