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[at-l] Re: Re my gear list

Gah, too fast on the send button.

The area that changes the most over time where food is concerened is snacks. I start adding more
trail snacks as time goes by.

When I hiked VA last year I did end up losing weight (which I got back; bad eating habits at home).
I probably did not eat enough snacks especially on hot days and that probably contributed to some
mountains "kicking my butt."

I really should carry more GORP than I do. It's just such a pain to make during a long hike and I'nn
not pre-packing dozens of little GORP packages thank you very much.

If I still had time I'd be adding some other dinner types like green veggie salads (dired leaf
lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, spinach, re-hydarate, add a little salt, and then if I had it some sort
of oil/vinegar dressing. But, I'm out of time and will have to get someone else to pull together the
necessary supplies.

I also carry, and this isn't reflected in the weight I cited, fresh fruit when I can. My favorites
are apples and oranges. Heavy yes, but I think worth their weight in water and vstly tastier than
dired fruit that I can buy. Maybe an orange a day won't keep the doctor away, but on a hot day it is
sooooo good.

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