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[at-l] Re: Re my gear list

That amount will rise over time. 

Meals include high fiber cereals with dried fruit with whole milk, PB&J, smoked sausage and cheese
sandwhiches, poptarts, various snacks (granola based), dinners including lots of veggie based
stew/soups, spaghetti and meatballs, potatoe & lentil stew, potatoe and veggie stews, omelets, and
various deserts like pudding. Some dinners are supplimented with oilve oil; some aren't. I've got
TUMS (though not enough right now) packed. I don't have enough elctrolyte mix right now and it is a
tough one to deal with on the trail since I plan on generally using a SWA inline filter hydration
system and such powder (as I think you once learned) gums up the works. I do have plenty of salt
though I wish I had mmore of those little handy packets from fast food joints.

The weight for the first aid kit is probably wrong. That value is from an old kit. The current one
includes, triple antibotic cream, gauze, band-aid blister block, polar pure, and some other stuff
that is escaping my mind.

  ** Ken **
On 6/21/01 at 3:17 AM, Orange Bug <orangebug74@yahoo.com> wrote:

> I question the amount of food you carry, or at least your budgeting.
> 800g er day is about 1lb 12 oz of food. Perhaps you plan to diet, but I
> wonder if you will have adequate ruffage, calcium and electrolyte
> resupply if you are maximizing calory content. I suspect you will be
> very hungry between town stops, and have significant muscle cramping
> and/or stress fracture risk. Bring some salt, TUMS (3 per day) and
> electrolyte powder/mix. 

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