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[at-l] my gear list

Nice list, although I'd love to know the contents of your first aid

I question the amount of food you carry, or at least your budgeting.
800g er day is about 1lb 12 oz of food. Perhaps you plan to diet, but I
wonder if you will have adequate ruffage, calcium and electrolyte
resupply if you are maximizing calory content. I suspect you will be
very hungry between town stops, and have significant muscle cramping
and/or stress fracture risk. Bring some salt, TUMS (3 per day) and
electrolyte powder/mix. 


--- Kenneth Knight <krk@speakeasy.org> wrote:
> Food, Water, & Fuel       5,333   0
> 5 days of food (800g/day)               4,000 141.09  i  4000 
> 1L Water average                        1,000  35.27  i  1000 
> 500ml alcohol in bottle                 333   11.75   i  333

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