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[at-l] Dangerous Doctors?

This article is old news for many people in and out of medicine. Let's
put it this way, Jack: if a psychiatrist fails to ask about firearms
and other means of injury to the patient or others, what do you think a
jury will decide? The doctor avoided a "Boundary Violation" or the
doctor negligently failed to assess suicidal and homicidal risk

This is everyday stuff for me. This is not a Second Amendment violation
of the right to bear arms. This is simply a means of assessing one of
many factors of danger in a household. It is a smart orthopedist who
asks a chronic low back pain patient such a question, as this
population is commonly depressed and self destructive. They usually
also ask about slip rugs and other household hazards associated with
further falls and other injury. Somehow, I don't think that very
impressive journal will have a derivative article concerning slip rugs.

No, I do not have a sense of humor in this area. I can't afford that
luxury in my profession. I am glad that this is clever and humorous for
you, and that it is so very easy to get a belly laugh over such
literature. It usually requires cognitive dissonance on the order of at
least the Three Stooges to get a grin out of me. You are lucky to have
such low potential for humor.


--- Jack <elexious48@home.com> wrote:
> You asked for this one and here it is:
> Boundary Violation:
> Gun Politics in the Doctor's Office

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