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[at-l] Tulsa trip report

Well, there's an 'A' and a 'T' in Tulsa, so, I figgered why

Got to the Indianapolis airport at 5:30 p.m. Sat. Waited for
a shuttle bus. Checked luggage for the first time since July
of 1987. Got on my plane and headed to Atlanta. No one sat
next to me. (I'm not sure if someone was supposed to or
not.) Got to Atlanta without incident. (At least, I don't
remember any incidents.) As I was waiting to 'deplane', I
watched them take my checked luggage out of the plane and
put it on one of those trailers for haulin' luggage. Once I
was deplaned, I hurried to my next gate (six trail miles
away.). As I got there, they were already boarding. So, I
got on the plane. My checked luggage did not. We left EARLY.
(Yes, I said 'We left EARLY'!!!) Again, no one sat next to
me on the way to Tulsa. We got to Tulsa 25 minutes early.
Yes, I said 'We got to Tulsa 25 minutes early.' Have you
ever gotten somewhere 25 minutes early on an aeroplane? Me
neither. I got to Tulsa about the same time my luggage got
on a plane to Dallas. I know this because they paged me so
they could tell me. It is nearly never good to get paged in
an airport. So, the guy tells me "Your bag isn't here. It
isn't going to be here." I said "Ya know, this is the first
time in 14 years that I've checked luggage...and this is
why." So, I went out and sat on the curb and watched a
thunderstorm pound the Great Plains...and planes while I
waited for the charming Ellie.

She pulled up lookin' purtier, and more charmin', than ever.
I done already forgot about the luggage. I forgot to tell ya
that I had a bottle of wine in a trashbag full of ice in my
daypack...which I had with me. (The flight crew on the first
leg of the flight let me put it in the 'icebox' cuz they
thought it was sweet of me to chill the wine.)  So, yon
Ellie and I went back to her apartment to pick up her dog
(It's gotta be Wednesday) and then headed east...to
Arkansas. We got a room in a little motel at 3:15 a.m. (Can
someone tell me why 92% of the motels I stay in are
owned/operated by Middle Easterners?) I think the town was
just west of Springdale, AR.  The next morning we got up and
drove somewhere. When we got there, we ate breakfast at an
old-fashioned greasy spoon...and fork...and plate. Waffle
Hut. It was good. Ellie was still lookin' purty and
charmin'. We got to the Ozarks sometime mid-afternoon. We
stopped at a place called Haw Creek Campground. Haw creek
was nice, but the campground was weedy, and seedy. Or, at
least the other patrons were...and, loud, too. So, we both
kinda wanted to move on, though neither wanted to say that.
Finally, I said lets go and see what else we can find. We
drove about 15 miles to another NF campground (Fairview:
Just north of Pelsor, AR.) It turned out to be a wonderful
decision. We had the place to ourselves. And, it was a very
pleasant area...complete with the Ozark Highlands Trail
running through one end. And, it was free. So, we enjoyed
some hiking, noodle meal of some sort, and a still chilly
bottle of Oliver's wine. (The corkscrew was in Dallas...so,
I just pushed the cork into the bottle with a tent stake.)
The sky was clear and full of stars..so were my eyes...oh,

The next day we got up early (REALLY early for Ellie and me.
Like 7:30 or so.) We headed down to Mt. Nebo S.P. A really
nice little park. After that, we went to Mt. Magazine S.P.
Another nice park. The newest state park in Arkansas. Mt.
Magazine is the highest point in Arkansas. After that, we
headed home (Tulsa). I'll have some pictures when I finish
this roll. (Yeah, I still use film....)

So, Tuesday Ellie took me to the airport where a $10 bill
got us two coffees and a bagel. I picked up the lost luggage
and gave some items that I'd brought from home to Ellie. So,
the luggage never left the airport...except with me goin'
home. I had decided to not check it this time. But, as I was
getting on the plane, walking down that loooooong tube to
the plane (I was last in line cuz I'd been smoochin' and
huggin') I decided I'd check it so I could walk back up that
looooong tube and smooch and hug some more. The woman at the
desk wasn't none too 'cited about the smoochin' and huggin'.
So, I tried it with Ellie, who was much more receptive.

When I finally got on the plane, I had a pleasant
conversation with a Tulsa lawyer-type woman. (Immigration
law. I almost asked her why 92% if all motel owners....) Got
to Atlanta without incident. (At least, I don't remember any
incidents) Made it home on time. Went to get my checked
luggage. Not to be. The board signifying no more luggage
slid down the slide. Felix had no checked luggage. I said
the big one...not really audibly, but I said it. More in
disbelief than anger, cuz, I wasn't angry, just not
believing it. So, I went to the office to file a claim.
There was a guy there that said, "Wait, this isn't my bag."
So, if they don't loose it, apparently they try to give it
away. When I got home, I ate ice cream

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"